Lana Ogilvie Cosmetics RETOUCH Eye Cream -- The Right Eye Cream for Right Now

Eye Cream — by the time you realize you need one, it's probably too late. So let this product review be a cautionary tale of staying ready, so you don't have to get ready.


Speaking of staying ready, Lana Ogilvie knows all about that — With over 30 years of modeling success under her Double G belt (We've never actually seen Lana rock GUCCI, we're taking artistic license), Lana knows a thing or two about preserving your best skin and looking good in a pre-Facetune era. She was the first ethnic model to land a contract with COVERGIRL in the 90s. Lana exuberantly credits her excellent skin for her decades-long career. Can you imagine the acceptance speech? "I'd like to thank God, my agent, for my unwavering fans, and MY SKIN…my skin has held me down for 30+ years. None of this would be possible without my smooth, flawless dermis."

Lana's highly anticipated entrée into skincare looks like this: 

Lana Ogilvie Cosmetics.png




If you were born in 1998 or earlier, the time to start using an eye cream is yesterday. The area around the eye is four times thinner than the skin elsewhere on the face.  This is one of the reasons it's so delicate and also the reason it's one of the first places on the face to show signs of aging. One of the best things to do to slow down the aging process and protect the skin is to moisturize with a product formulated to treat this delicate area of the face.  


Lana Ogilvie Cosmetics RETOUCH EYE CREAM is the perfect starting point. Formulated with dozens of botanicals, pure plant oils, vitamins, minerals, ocean-based retinol, peptides, and glycolic acid— RETOUCH EYE CREAM is part' destination hydration' and part ‘smooth operator.' The gentle, yet active eye cream soothes the delicate eye area on contact while delivering an immediate rush of moisture. Over time, with continued twice daily usage, retinol and glycolic acid work in concert to soften and refine the appearance of tiny lines and crow's feet. 

RETOUCH EYE CREAM fills two essential categories in your skincare routine — it's preventative when used proactively, and it's corrective when used at the first signs of fine lines. The texture is light, cushiony, and does not disturb the application of your foundation or concealer. We actually like to mix a little RETOUCH EYE CREAM with a dense concealer (like It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealing Pot) to give the concealer more bounce and life. This tried-and-true beauty hack helps the skin appear fresher while delivering skincare benefits to your makeup. 

Lana Ogilvie RETOUCH EYE CREAM is a bit of a sweet spot product because it's a solid start if you are new to eye cream. But, it's also brilliantly formulated to deliver real results for the girl or guy looking for a high-performing product. In a nutshell — be like Lana: stay ready!