Our Services

Our services go beyond providing fact-based skincare advice to women. We also work with brands to help them develop and market their skincare products.


Product Reviews

We love skincare and we are always testing what’s new. Partner with us to test, review and promote your product and brand.

We generally use each product for 4-6 weeks before writing reviews. Our audience relies on us to be thorough, fact-based and truthful in our reviews.

We also offer pre-market product review to help you launch a successful product.


Collectively we have almost 20 years of working in the beauty space. We have worked behind the scenes to help brands develop and test products before they come to market.

We offer insights on consumer behavior and preferences to help brands get the messaging right for their products. Our services also include trend forecasting and consumer surveys.

Event Hosting

The Face Flawless Skin team has hosted several successful events since launching in 2015. We have partnered with brands, large and small, dermatologist, plastic surgeons, aestheticians and other beauty professionals to provide women with science-back information to help them improve their skin.

In addition to our branded events, we also form strategic partnerships with brands to take our audience on shopping tours where we introduce them to our favorite products from our brand partners.


Having known and worked with each of these women for years, I cannot only attest to their influence, but also to their true passion for, and knowledge of skin care products. It has been my experience that the educational experiences that Felicia, Danielle, and Christene are providing with their Face Flawless Skin Clinics not only motivate the audience to buy a product, but more importantly sows the seeds for brand/product loyalty and long term patronage. Their approach isn’t about impulse but instead focuses on empowering their fans to make informed decisions when it comes to caring for their skin. 
— Nicole Darmanin, Director, Public Relations/Marketing Mario Badescu Skin Care
Participating in the first Face Flawless Skin Clinic event was a great investment for my brand and lots of fun to execute! Serving as a skincare sponsor for the FFSC allowed my brand to reach a highly engaged audience of women that were seeking simple and useful skincare solutions. The added credential of Felicia, Danielle and Christene recommending our brand allowed us to be positioned as an efficacious skincare solution to a target market that was previously untapped by our brand in a meaningful, organic way.
— Ashley Corkery, Senior Account Supervisor Devries Global
This is the beauty event that I’ve been waiting for...for like...FOREVER! There were so many great tips on how to achieve healthy skin and you were able to ask questions in an intimate setting. There were discussions on how to achieve healthy skin by having a good skin regimen that included cleansing, hydrating, moisturizing and exfoliating. What I especially loved about this event is that it was especially geared towards women of color. That was a major draw for me. The panel included skincare and makeup professionals to answer all of the questions often raised by women of color that are not answered directly.
— Susan Mejeh