Beauty Resolutions for Flawless Skin in 2016

When did New Year's resolutions get such a bad rap? Is resolving to make a fresh start really the enemy? No, of course not. Fresh starts are awesome! But, somewhere around Feb 11th or 12th, we lose momentum and our hard core resolutions fizzle out to nothing more than sad reminders of failed attempts at greatness. 

But this year is going to be different. (SAY IT WITH US!) Don't eye roll -- it's true! This year we are taking stock of our beauty needs and committing to upping the ante.  We’re pushing ourselves to establish and maintain healthier practices for a more flawless 2016. Read on as we share the beauty we’re resolving to do better in the New Year.



Use More Facial Devices

When it comes to topical skin care, I. HAVE. DONE. IT. ALL! I have no desire to do injectables anytime, to that end -- I am committing to regularly using non-invasive devices to lift and firm my face. So many aestheticians have told me that micro-current and nano-current is where it’s at. I’ve used both ZIIP and Nu Face and I can definitely see an improvement in the lifting and sculpting of facial contours. But to be 100% honest, I haven't stuck with these devices on a regular basis. Well, for 2016 that’s all changing. If I want to continue to “age gracefully” and keep my skin free of botox and fillers, I really need to get this micro-current/nano-current party started!

Achieve My Best Body

Now, you might read this and immediately assume that “Best Body” is a reference to physical fitness. While that is actually the front end of another blog post, in this instance I’m referring to the condition of the skin on my body from the waist down. I invest a great deal of time and effort in treating the skin on my face, neck and décolletage. But from the waist down I’ve been known to do the least. But no more….momma’s skin is aging and it’s time to turn this ship around. This means, those pretty scrubs on my vanity need to start doing more than just sitting pretty. I’m going to start *gasp* using them -- weekly. Watch out now! I’m also committing to regularly using body creams with active ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acid -- this will help do the heavy lifting of exfoliating my poor, neglected skin. Essentially, I’m going to start treating the rest of my body just as royally as I treat my face! And by summer, I should see a major improvement. *fingers crossed*



Get Laser Hair Removal

There are so many amazing life-changing things that happen when you enter your 30s, but the one thing I could’ve skipped was the extra facial hair. As we mature our hormone levels change and for many of us this can mean a little extra peach fuzz -- or a whole peach in my case. One thing women of color have to keep in mind is that many hair removal methods can result in ingrown hairs (yikes) and/or dark spots (boooo!). To be honest, I’d rather have five o’clock shadow than ingrowns and dark spots. But because I’m a “have her cake and eat it, too” kind of gal, I’ll be looking into laser hair removal which is the better route for those of us with deeper skin tones. Since the side effects of bad laser treatment can be worse than the hair itself,  we have to be very diligent with researching skincare professionals who use the proper types of lasers and have plenty of documented experience working with skin of color. So for 2016, I’ll be researching options for laser hair removal (including at-home options) so I can prevent being that auntie that grazes your cheek with her stubble.

Learn More About Laser Hair Removal and Other Skincare Treatments For Women of Color

My other resolution is to soak up as much info about the latest surgical procedures for skin as possible. Over the holidays I was browsing through Instagram and came across the account for cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills. I was only about 2 weeks in his timeline looking at before and after pics and laser videos and my interest was totally piqued. I’m not currently looking into any procedures for myself, but I’m still 100% fascinated about all the advancements out there for women of color and I’ll be at the ready with pen in hand taking notes on everything.

Improve The Texture of My Skin

You can fake clear skin but you can’t fake even texture-- at least not without some serious photoshop skills or killer apps.  I don’t want the sad pore-less existence being lived by some Instagram stars who run pictures through 39 filters and apps before posting a makeup-free selfie (I’m better than that). I’m talking about the kind of even textured skin and tight pores of which baby’s bottoms are made.  Pipe dream?  Nope.  It can happen and this year I’m dedicated to finding the products to even out my skin texture and reduce the appearance of my pores.

Even texture doesn’t just stop at the décolletage -- I’m taking it all the way down to my ankles!  For that I’m going to incorporate more actives in my body care routine and sticking to a regimen. My time spent in the bathroom is about to go way up.

Get More Facials

As far as beauty resolutions go, more facials keep bouncing from year to year. Each year I commit to doing one professional facial per month and each year for the last three years I have failed. I don’t like to feel like a loser so, I’m done playing myself.  The key to getting a facial per month is to commit to more at-home facials.  I have a super compact steamer and I’m completely ready to steam to my hearts content (checks warranty).

With a commitment to even my skin’s texture and get more facials, I’ll be starting 2017 with my skin in the best condition of my adult life. Wish me luck!

Now that we've shared ours we want to hear yours!  As an entry to this giveaway, please share your beauty resolutions for 2016  below.

*Happy New Year!*